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Big Data and Hadoop:

In today's world, properly leveraged data can give organizations of all types a competitive advantage. Companies now handle vast amounts of data on a daily basis and there is unparalleled demand for professionals in this space. Learn how to extract useful information from data and increase the ROI of a business by taking up our wide range of Big Data Analytics Courses.

Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer

Course preview:


- Challenges for processing big data- Fault tolerance
- Technologies support big data- Setting up the CDH
- The Motivation For Hadoop- Map Reduce Story
- History of Hadoop- Map Reduce Architecture
- Use cases of Hadoop- How Map Reduce works
- RDBMS vs Hadoop- Developing Map Reduce
- When to use and when not to use Hadoop- Map Reduce Programming Model
- Ecosystem tour- Different phases of Map Reduce Algorithm
- Vendor comparison- Different Data types in Map Reduce
 - How to Write a basic Map Reduce Program
- Features of HDFS 
- 5 daemons of Hadoop- Driver Code
- Name Node and its functionality- Mapper
- Data Node and its functionality- Reducer
- Secondary Name Node and its functionality- Creating Input and Output Formats in Map
  Reduce Jobs
- Job Tracker and its functionality- Text Input Format
- Task Tracker and its functionality- Key Value Input Format
- Data Storage in HDFS 
 - Sequence File Input Format
- Introduction about Blocks 
 - Data localization in Map Reduce
- Data replication 
 - Combiner (Mini Reducer) and Partitioner
- Accessing HDFS through CLI  
(Command Line Interface)- Hadoop I/O
 - Distributed cache



- Basics of Hive, Hive architecture- Introduction to Apache Pig
- Working with Hive and Impala, Hive vs RDBMS, HiveQL and the shell,- SQL vs. Apache Pig
- Managing tables (external vs managed)- Different data types in Pig
- Data types and schemas- Modes of Execution in Pig
- Partitions and buckets- Grunt shell
- Introduction to Impala- Loading data
- Impala Architecture- Exploring Pig
- Hive vs Impala 
- Exploring Impala 



- HBase Architecture and- Introduction to Sqoop- Introduction to Flume
schema design  
 - Sqoop Architecture- Flume Architecture
- HBase vs. RDBMS  
 - Sqoop Syntax- Flume Data Flow
- HMaster and Region Servers  
 - Database connection- Configuration
- Column Families and Regions  
 - Importing & Exporting data- Introduction to Oozie
- Write pipeline  
  - Oozie Workflow
- Read pipeline  
  - Property file, Coordinator & Bundle
- HBase commands  


-Introduction to Apache Spark-DataFrames and DataSets
-Apache Spark Framework-DataFrame Operations
-Playing with RDD’s-Creating & Saving DataFrames from Data Sources
-Using Spark Shell-Transformations & Actions
-Writing Spark Applications-Caching & Persisting
 -Spark SQL


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